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Unitariat Universalist Multiracial Unity Caucus (UUMUAC)

The Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Caucus to carry out and foster anti-racist and multiracial unity activities both within and outside the Unitarian Universalist Association through education, bearing witness through our actions, and expansion of our membership both within and outside the walls of our congregations.

The Vision Statement
We envision our congregations, denomination, and society as not being color blind but color appreciative; as judging and treating members of the world’s rank and file by the content of their character, not the color of their skin or their cultural heritage; and as treasuring diversity in the context of the “Beloved Community.” We call this vision Multiracial Unitarian Universalism.

At the UUSJ Board meeting on 8/27/2017, Taye Waldesmiante reported on his recent trip to east Africa on behalf of UUMUAC.  Economic conditions have been worsening and governments becoming more fascistic in that part of Africa.  Inflation is high and governments are cutting back on social spending.  There are many imports from China.  China has also established several military bases in Africa.  There is a mass movement of refugees and other migrants.  It is difficult to spread the UUMUAC message under these conditions.

Finley reported that domestically UUMUAC fought to prevent the adoption of an 8th UU Principle without it going through the full, multi-year democratic process.  Partnering with the Afghan Womens Project again this fall is under consideration.  The task force had one Action Alert, to the Illinois Governor, urging his support of legislation that would remove licensing barriers for those who have jail or prison records.  That legislation was just signed into law.

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Next Meeting:

The UUMUAC Executive Committtee meets in the afternoon of the first Friday of most months, at rotating locations.  Please contact Finley Campbell at finleycampbell5222@comcast.net for the location and starting time if you would like to attend.