Describe other events - e.g. dinners - that raise funds or collect supplies to support worthy organizations

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • We sometimes collect supplies for worthy organizations, particularly around Christmas

2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • Easter Food Drive: A food drive for the Lakeview Pantry. The congregation collected 5,000 lbs of food.

Beverly Unitarian Church

  • * Annual food drive in November to benefit local food bank

Countryside Church UU

  • We worked the Arlington Heights 4th of July festival to raise funds for an international organization.
  • We also do Guest at Your Table and UUSC Justice Sunday
  • We used to hold a corn roast fundraiser but I expect we will not be able to continue with this fundraiser
  • RE collects supplies and gifts for WINGS (Women in Need Growing Stronger) and Home of the Sparrow.
  • Youth Group marches in the Chicago Pride Parade with other members of our congregation

Northshore Unitarian Church

  • We have a giant church rummage sale. We just had it August 1. It's a whole church project. All the money we raise goes to social action causes. This year we raised $19,000. Church members nominate non profit agencies and various groups, including health and environmental groups, they want funding to go to. Last year we dispensed funds to over 35 groups. We do check to make sure they are not for profit and that they are registered with the Illinois Attorney General's office. We also contacted various food pantries and groups that offer direct service and had them come after the rummage sale to pick up clothing and housewares they wanted at no cost.
  • We also collect clothing and other new items at Christmas time for the local PADS shelter. They give us a wish list and people take wish items and purchase them
  • We also started a Jump Start Jazz concert which showcases young local musicians from the area. Tickets are sold and profits go to PADS.
  • Our RE sponsored a cardboard city. They camped out in March, and were sponsored by church members. The money raised went to PADS.

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • We've had special collections for certain humanitarian disasters such as Hurricane Katrina Relief or for the tsunami that struck South Asia as well as the cyclone affecting Myanmar, etc. These special collections sometimes are done as a benefit concert or just the collection separately depending on what activities develop. The funds are then sent on thru primarily UUSC

UU Church of Elgin

  • Interfaith food pantry
  • Various R.E. projects through the church year
  • Quilt group raffles a quilt every year and donates the proceeds to a worthy organization
  • Larkin Center Giving Tree at Christmas
  • CROP Walk

UU Society of Geneva

  • Once or twice a year we have a themed potluck supper ("This Spud's For You", "Some Like it Hot" Chili Supper, etc.) with a speaker who describes what the designated recipient organization does. In addition to a dish to pass, people bring either money or an item to contribute to the organization.
  • Each weekend in December during coffee hours, we sell items to collect money for a Christmas party for boys incarcerated at the Illinois Youth Center. We sell: ornaments, handmade items, note paper, pins, cookbooks, fair trade chocolates and nuts, tickets for a holiday centerpiece raffle, etc.
  • We've collected coats for a PADS shelter, toiletries for a shelter for abused women, blankets which we made into draft guards, and toys for birthday presents for indigent children.
  • We've also targeted recipients for money paid in admission to concerts
  • A metal sculptor in the congregation created a "Change for a Change" jar which looks like a tree. The children in RE vote among 3 options to decide which group will receive each filled jar