Which Social Justice curricula would your RE director recommend?

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • The RE committee focuses on social justice about every 4 years, though there are elements of social justice when studying UU identity, world religions, etc.
  • Rainbow Children has been used for the younger children. A variety of curricula have been used for children above 2nd grade

Countryside Church UU

  • In Our Hands series was used at CCUU in 2005; it received mixed reviews.
  • The RE director usually writes her own social justice lessons for use in our children's chapel activity time, for Grades 1-4; and Spirit Play stories for pre-K.
  • Two of the new "Tapestry of Faith" curriculum we've used, Amazing Grace (Jr. High) and Moral Tales (Grades 1-2), include weekly "Faith in Action" segments related to social justice awareness/ ethical decision-making; these have been well received by teachers and students alike.

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • The RE group did do a wonderful intersession on hunger and created a beautiful mural that hangs in our lobby. This was a couple of years ago.
  • They also promote UUSC's Guest at Your Table annually

UU Society of Geneva

  • All of the curricula developed for our church were extremely well-received
  • In addition, at Halloween we ask the children to engage in "Reverse Trick or Treating", whereby they give a fair-traded chocolate candy to people when they go trick or treating.