Please list copies of curricula that have been adapted or created for your congregation

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • Finley Cambell of our Racial Justice Task Force has been teaching variations of the Nature of Racism course yearly for at least a decade.

2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • 2U Social Justice Leadership & Spiritual Development Institute Program
    2U Social Justice Institute (a 3-Session Course): Social justice has long been a passion for UUers-but have you ever wondered WHY our UU faith compels us to act? What is the spiritual connection between our UU faith and the call to promote social justice? What social justice movements have been spearheaded by UUers and others in the past? And how do we bring about social justice through community organizing? Find out answers to all of these questions-and join in the discussion
    This course is co-sponsored by the 2U Social Justice Council and Lifespan Faith Development
  • Social Justice Small Group (Social Justice as a Spiritual Practice): How Does Social Justice Inform Your Spirituality?
    Books: 1) Building Your Own Theology, Vol. 3: Ethics; 2) The Prophetic Imperative: Social Gospel in Theory and Practice
    Offered in 8- week sessions
  • Social Justice Leadership & Development Training: To learn the skills to organize and lead more effectively around justice issues, members of the church can attend training sessions. These trainings identify key organizing & leadership principles, and show how our values influence those principles, and teaches you how to be an effective organizer and leader.
    Through challenging sessions focused on organizing skills with a focus on faith-based principles. This training will challenge your presumptions, confront your priorities, and move you to reflect on who you are as a community builder.
  • Training sessions are offered throughout the year

Beverly Unitarian Church

  • * Last year, children's RE was themed around homelessness to coordinate with congregational major volunteering project

Countryside Church UU

  • We adapted various resources to create a "green" Summer RE program in 2009 - with two units: Our Sacred Connection to the Earth; and Sustainable Living.

UU Society of Geneva
The following curricula were developed to incorporate puppet shows; they both borrow heavily from other curricula - so none will be marketed as having totally unique ideas.

  • Peace Puppets: Conflict Resolution for Children - 7 lessons for children in Kindergarten through 6th grades;
  • Diversity Dolls- 6 lessons for K-6th grades
  • Adaptation of Moral Tales for K-6th grades