What partnerships have you formed outside of your congregation
with other churches

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • Hyde Park & Kenwood Interfaith Council
  • Hyde Park & Kenwood Hunger Programs,
  • Hyde Park Transitional Housing Project

Beverly Unitarian Church

  • * Sponsored a forum on At-Risk Youth with Bethany Union and Morgan Park Baptist

Countryside Church UU

  • We have a jobs ministry with St. Huberts Catholic Church (and 18 other congregations in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago).
  • At the beginning of our Green Sanctuary process, we organized a meeting with a representative from the GS committee of the Elgin UU Church. We also requested follow-up information from them, and we publicize their annual Prairie Fest (an environmental event).

Northshore Unitarian Church

  • We're part of Lake County United
  • We're trying to develop a relationship with a mosque in Waukegan to work on a PADS site together

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • By having a representative from our Peace & Justice Program at UCE attend Coalition meetings of other faith based organizations and peace groups, we are fairly well connected to what is happening in our home community Evanston and somewhat connected to Chicago events. Through this outreach, we were able to do successful events such as the Interfaith Fast for Peace and the Interfaith Peace Couriers Opposing Torture
  • Green Sanctuary is also part of a Coalition of environmental groups that are working on environmental issues in Evanston. I believe it is interfaith as well

UU Church of Elgin

  • We are in the process of considering partnering with Countryside Church on Prairie Fest

UU Society of Geneva

  • We hosted Interfaith Prayers for Peace as part of a monthly rotation